Are Non vendors allowed in the fairgrounds after hours?

Unfortunately, No. Any and all persons on the fairgrounds after hours must have their respective arm bands/window stickers on their person and vehicle.

Are pets allowed?

ALL animals MUST be on a leash, have proof of rabies shots, be under your control at all times, and owners are fully responsible for its actions.

Can I bring my mobility scooter or mobile handicap device into the show?

Yes, as long as you have the proper paperwork and insurances (see “ABOUT THE SHOW” page for more info)

How do I get a camping permit to stay on the available camp grounds.

A camping permit can be purchased the days of the event at the VENDOR ENTRANCE. You will be asked to provide (your license, proof of insurance, and owners card) for the vehicle you will be parking on premises.

How Does Getting An Electrical Hookup Work?

An electrical hookup is $40.00 at the gate the weekend of the event. You will be given a green tag to place on your cord to notify us that you have paid for your connection.

NOTE: Anyone found plugged in without the required green tag will be asked to unplug immediately and if not complied with will be asked to pay the $40.00 fee, or leave the show immediately.

When can I start loading in my stuff to sell?

Load in time for vendors will be: Wednesday, June 12th – Thursday, June 13th

10:00 am – 9:00pm